The Meaning of Male Body Language Standing Close

Research is clear in summarizing which body parts men and women look at on each other – men’s brains are wired to be attracted to women who show the most healthy reproductive ability and sexual availability. When it comes to body shape, both men and women prefer someone with an athletic body shape. To men, this signals high levels of health and a woman’s ability to successfully reproduce his genes.

If he spends most of his time with his back towards you, well, that’s a clear sign that he’s not into you. When a man likes a woman, they don’t want to have their backs facing her, they want to give her all the attention possible.  If he does turn his back on you, it’s only because he’s leaving, shouldn’t be for any other reason.

Please note that even if you are alpha or trying to be alpha, if you are in a rush (because there are times this happens) don’t be an idiot and think you should just walk slow. There are always exceptions to the rule.

All too often body language can replace verbal communication when a couple has been together a long time. They know each other so well that words aren’t necessary. It can be lovely to watch – they can often have an entire conversation with just looks and small gestures. Watch your parents or grandparents sometime to judge and you’ll see. But be aware that it takes years to build up to that.

Early natural exponents of interpreting body language were for example the poker players of the American Wild West. The winners had not only to be handy with a six-shooter, but also skilled in reading other people’s non-verbal signals, and controlling their own signals.

When we understand body language we become better able to refine and improve what our body says about us, which generates a positive improvement in the way we feel, the way we perform, and what we achieve.

Guys who are outspoken and extremely friendly might get touchy if they are strongly attracted to you. He can put an arm around your shoulders while you are sitting on a couch or place his palms on your lower back to guide you indoors as you walk.

It is often very difficult to tell if someone is lying but when you are having doubts about your other half’s honesty it can be extremely difficult to deal with the situation. Lying and body language are in close connection so learning how to read body language of your boy can tell you a lot when it comes to his honesty.

The most prevalent signals males use to announce their availability and attract female attention are summarised below. Under many circumstances these might be categorised under the headings ‘pathetic’ or ‘amusing’. The male of the species, despite a couple of million years of evolution, has yet to develop much subtle body language in this area.

I can also tell you this. Both men and women look at what they want. We learn this from the study of Proxemics. People do not maintain eye contact with people that do not keep our interest. We do not look a second time at things or people who make us feel disgust.

Most men also prefer a woman with shapely, thicker legs over those with thinner, spindly legs, because additional fat in the legs highlights the sex difference between male and female legs and is an indicator of better lactation. Men like women’s legs to look athletic but will be likely turned off if she looks like she could win bodybuilding competition.

It’s easy to say goodbye to someone and let them show themselves out, right? Well, if he makes it a point to walk out his own door and all the way to your car to say goodbye to you, that shows he really cares about you and wants to make sure you’re safe.

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