“how to read male body language attraction”

Does he just stands near you with his arms crossed, seeming uninterested, or, is he constantly trying to find some excuse to touch you? There is always some crumb on your sweater, an eyelash on your cheek that needs to be removed, or your wild hair is always in need of taming by his helpful hand. Believe me, this is not a sign of your falling behind with your hygiene but of male body language attraction.

Look for the body language when a he is attracted to you. When the behavior of the guy changes as soon as he sees you, that’s one of the biggest signs he’s into you as well as he’s trying to sway you. If he’s with people or his friends and he’s acting rowdy or laughing hard, he may right away go silent as soon as he notices you coming. Or he may have been silent already and all of a sudden gets louder as well as tries to become noticeable so that he could impress you.

And while not technically part of body language, environment is a vital aspect of dating and mating. The environment in which the dating activity is pursued equates to market/audience-targeting in business. People seeking a mate are effectively marketing themselves. Commonly people head to where everyone else goes – to nightclubs and dating websites – but crucially these environments are highly unsuitable markets for many people, for instance those not good at dancing, and those not good at writing and communicating online. Just as a business needs to find the best markets and ways of reaching its target audience, so in dating people can seek environments where they can best display their strengths and where relevant ‘buyers’ will be.

There are five distinct space zones, which were originally identified by Edward T Hall, and which remain the basis of personal space analysis today. The first zone is sometimes shown as a single zone comprising two sub-zones.

When a man raises his eyebrows, it may be because you said or do something and a sign that he likes you. Sure, it’s not a definite sign of attraction, as it may be a friendly expression. Thus, never look at raised eyebrows alone as a surefire sign that he’s into you. Be sure you find other signs to go along with it.

Ive found that my new boss likes me he’ll walk in my department look at me then walk back of the door before i started saying hi to him, then i started saying hi and washing to him when he looks at me he’ll do the same, then noticing he’ll walk around my department and look at me on and off, also working around me more sometimes. .. then he’ll look a my name tag while saying hi to me while were standing close face to face… when i was clocking back in from work he stood close behind me to see my full name….i was leaving with food bundles one day as i was leaving i waved hi to him he waved back and was trying to catch up with me ,by the time i got in the car he walked outside to see where i was going. ..He makes me smile his presence so i told him to come around more and he does ,,,but since he’s my boss i don’t know if it’s a good idea for it to go further, but right now we just enjoy either’s company by being as closely together as possible.. i just don’t understand what he wants from me. ..

A successful end to a date with the one you want to be a significant part of your life relies as much upon the body language observations made above as any other part of your seduction routine. So, pay careful attention to how your body interacts with the general flow of conversation, and ensure that you successfully pull off the romantic coup of the century!

running hands through hair hair / hair flirting, or vexation, exasperation Take your pick – running hands through the hair is commonly associated with flirting, and sometimes it is, although given different supporting signals, running hands through the hair can indicate exasperation or upset.

There are females that are there to use men, and there are those out there that are meek and submissive and put up with everything you throw at them prepared to be abused. Neither of these situations is a healthy option.

Playing with objects. When a woman strokes the stem of a wine glass or runs her fingers along the rim of her water cup, she’s trying to get your attention. If the movements are slow and controlled, she’s likely interested. If, however, she’s tapping the glass and pursing her lips, she probably can’t wait to get out of there.

Please note that even if you are alpha or trying to be alpha, if you are in a rush (because there are times this happens) don’t be an idiot and think you should just walk slow. There are always exceptions to the rule.

The upper torso of the hunting male is wide and tapers to narrow hips, whereas a woman’s body is narrower at the shoulders and widens at the hips. Men evolved these features to allow them to lug heavy weapons over long distances and carry home their kills.

You will shift your own awareness of body language from the unconscious into the conscious by learning about the subject, and then by practising your reading of non-verbal communications in your dealings with others.

ear tugging hands / ears indecision, self-comforting People fiddle with their own bodies in various ways when seeking comfort, but ear-pulling or tugging given suitable supporting signs can instead indicate indecision and related pondering.

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The eyebrow flash – While this gesture is not strictly limited only to men, it is worth mentioning it can take a little training to spot. Be on the look out for his eyebrows shooting up very briefly when he first notices you.  It is an unconscious exclamation of pleasant surprise and immediate interest.

fast head nodding head hurry up, impatience Vigorous head nodding signifies that the listener feels the speaker has made their point or taken sufficient time. Fast head nodding is rather like the ‘wind-up’ hand gesture given off-camera or off-stage by a producer to a performer, indicating ‘time’s up – get off’.

This is a unique position that women don’t normally do. It’s often unintentional on the part of the man. Does he stand up taller, pushing his chest out, while holding in his stomach to impress you? It’s also important to note if he does it immediately after noticing you, and does he do it each time that he sees you?

Have you noticed that your man gets up to get things you forgot when you sit down for dinner or a movie? Have you noticed he asks if you are warm enough or if you need anything else? Have you noticed he is paying extra attention to see if he can make you happy? This is peculiar behavior for men and if he’s doing this, it’s a sure sign he’ll be using the L word pretty soon.

A mouth can speak volumes without sound ever coming out. If a man looks in your direction and smiles, it’s quite possible that he’s interested in you. Of course, this can happen even when there’s no intention of being flirty. The best way to find out for sure is note the frequency at which he is smiling at you. If he flashes a smile more in your general direction than anyone else, chances are he’s got a thing for you.

When the couple is out on the town or just in public the body language that can be read will be similar to that of a happy couple sitting. The two will be close to each other and will normally have some sort of physical contact with the other partner. When the two are not standing next to each other they make keep or make the occasional eye contact with a slight smile and sometimes you may even see the happy couple flirting with each other while standing or sitting next to each other.

legs / body respectful Standing upright, legs straight, together and parallel, body quite upright, shoulders back, arms by sides – this is like the military ‘at attention’ posture and is often a signal of respect or subservience adopted when addressed by someone in authority.

During the interview, she suggests you make eye contact when listening to show your interest, but don’t stare. Sit up in your chair instead of slouching, and when you’re done, leave strong by giving a good, palm-to-palm handshake.

It could mean many things: she’s flirting, she likes to keep her hands busy, she’s autistic, her hair is in her face, etc. Notice her posture, her facial expression, and her other cues that will provide clues to her intent.